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Moments That Make The Knees Shake

Posted on June 25th, by Brad in Blog. 1 Comment

Over the course of a person’s life, they reach numerous crossroads where they have to make a leap of faith and take on a challenge that simply scares you to death. I’ve gone through several of these crossroads in both my person and professional life. Every time this happens, I get that feeling of my knees shaking and butterflies flying. My friend Chrisitna Wodtke (http://www NULL.eleganthack once told me “If you ever find yourself with shaky knees after making a decision to do something, it was probably the right thing to do.” This is a statement that has stuck with me through the years as new and fresh challenges continue to pop up.

The time has come again where I’ve made a decision that is both extremely exciting, but equally terrifying. Luckily, I’ve got a great support group both at … Read More »