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Modes of Thinking

Posted on April 12th, by Brad in Blog. No Comments

This is going to be a long post, so before we get too deep I want to thank my partner in crime on this concept Andrea Mignolo (http://pnts (@pnts (https://twitter and the smart people from twitter Steve Baty (http://www NULL.meldstudios (@docbaty (https://twitter, Henken Bean (http://www NULL.henkenbean (@henken (https://twitter, Kevin Hoffman (http://www NULL.kevinmhoffman (@kevinmhoffman (https://twitter, Christopher Monnier (http://www NULL.chrismonnier (@chrismonnier (https://twitter and Will Sansbury (http://willsansbury (@willsansbury (https://twitter for sharing their thoughts and opinions. In this post we (Andrea and I) want to explore not only where divergent and convergent modes of thinking belong in a design process, but also how a person’s natural mode of thinking impacts how they might identify within the user experience community. A quick disclaimer: This posts does run the very real risk … Read More »