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DtC – Surfacing Agendas

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I’m knee deep in the writing my assigned chapters for Designing the Conversation (http://www The one experience that has been the most enlightening so far is the act of editing. Not all content that gets written ends up in the final draft of the chapter. Rather than let this content simply fade away, I want to preserve it here on this blog.

The context of this section is around determining when and how to ask the golden question “Why?” over the course of a facilitated session. The “Why?” question is a great tool for any facilitator, and one way it can be used is by vetting out participants personal agendas. Below is a section that shows how you can use “Why?”-type questions to get to the meaning behind comments, suggestions, and ideas that come from the participants of a … Read More »

Moments That Make The Knees Shake

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Over the course of a person’s life, they reach numerous crossroads where they have to make a leap of faith and take on a challenge that simply scares you to death. I’ve gone through several of these crossroads in both my person and professional life. Every time this happens, I get that feeling of my knees shaking and butterflies flying. My friend Chrisitna Wodtke (http://www NULL.eleganthack once told me “If you ever find yourself with shaky knees after making a decision to do something, it was probably the right thing to do.” This is a statement that has stuck with me through the years as new and fresh challenges continue to pop up.

The time has come again where I’ve made a decision that is both extremely exciting, but equally terrifying. Luckily, I’ve got a great support group both at … Read More »