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Designers: Dare to Fail

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There are many degrees of failure in the world of design. This is a hard truth that every designer has to learn one way or another. A hard knock lesson that has the ability to be the best teacher a designer could ask for, or completely crush their spirit. Dealing with our failures is never easy, especially when a personal connection is involved. These failures can appear throughout the design process, but each failure can be seen as an opportunity. So where do we go to learn how to deal with and learn from our failures? Reach way back and consult the great Sun Tzu and his masterpiece ‘The Art of War’.

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Where We’re Going

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Over the past five years, the world of user experience and design has changed greatly. We’ve been able to adapt and grow as we faced down many challenges in the ever changing world of technology. But, are we ready for the next five years? If not, what can we do as design professionals to prepare ourselves for the “next big thing” that will rock the technological world. Come hear how we can use what we’ve learned to help prepare for the future, and get a glimpse at some of the technologies that we might be designing for before you know it.

UX Doesn’t Equal UI

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The term ‘User Experience’ has been associated with User Interface for too long. An experience isn’t limited to a navigation scheme or the use of a particular product. It transcends the computer screen or mobile device, and has lasting impacts on our lives. What do these impacts mean? How can they be managed? These are questions that User Experience Designers try to answer. A user interface can be a gateway to these lasting impacts, but a positive user experience requires much more than that.