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Moments That Make The Knees Shake

Posted on June 25th, by Brad in Blog. 1 Comment

Over the course of a person’s life, they reach numerous crossroads where they have to make a leap of faith and take on a challenge that simply scares you to death. I’ve gone through several of these crossroads in both my person and professional life. Every time this happens, I get that feeling of my knees shaking and butterflies flying. My friend Chrisitna Wodtke (http://www NULL.eleganthack once told me “If you ever find yourself with shaky knees after making a decision to do something, it was probably the right thing to do.” This is a statement that has stuck with me through the years as new and fresh challenges continue to pop up. The time has come again where I’ve made a decision that is both extremely exciting, but equally terrifying. Luckily, I’ve got a great support group both at home, at work, and on the “internets” that I know will be there to slap me into shape when I need it, and offer the necessary words of advice when I’m lost. So, I’m sure you’re wondering what that decision was and how it’ll effect me in the future… Together with Russ Unger (http://userglue NULL.php) and Dan Willis (http://dswillis, I’ve deciding to take my hand at being a “real” author. While I’m not able, or willing, to share any of the details just yet, I can say we are writing a Book together and it’s already found a publisher to call home. In the coming weeks/months, I’ll be talking more about it both here on my blog and also on Twitter (https://twitter!/bnunnally). When I get deep into writing, I know I’ll run into a handful of roadblocks (code for many roadblocks) that will need vetting before “writing down in stone”. This vetting process will take place both in the “real” back channel of IM’s and email, but also in the open where I’ll ask the community of their experiences or thoughts. This is an exciting venture, and I can’t wait to make the news official with links, details, and just general information about the Book. For all those, like Christina, who’ve given me advice, guidance, and the occasional slap in the head, I want to thank you for bringing me to this point in my life where I feel (somewhat) comfortable taking on this challenge.

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