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Getting Meta With Workshops

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Next month, Russ Unger (http://www NULL.userglue and myself will be giving a workshop at WebVisions Portland (http://www NULL.webvisionsevent titled The Workshop Workshop. This workshop is meant for folks looking to improve their skills facilitating workshops with their teams, clients, or at industry conferences. Workshops are tricky beasts because they have to result in something, some direct outcome. That could be a better understanding of a problem, a rough draft of a work product, or direction on a solution you might be working on. The creation of this outcome puts a lot of pressure on a facilitator. Attendees of The Workshop Workshop will put be shown all the steps that go into the planning, arranging and running any given workshops. If you have plans of attending WebVisions Portland, please check out our workshop and if you feel so inclined register. Russ and I look forward to seeing you in Portland. (http://www NULL.webvisionsevent

The Workshop Workshop (http://www NULL.webvisionsevent

Meta Meta Meta

You have attended workshops, you have seen them masterfully commanded by other people, and you really want to get a handle on doing this workshop thing yourself. This workshop is the workshop that will help you create and facilitate a workshop of your very own, in whatever workshop fashion you decide upon.

Mushroom Mushroom

Brad Nunnally, and Russ Unger, co-authors of the forthcoming book “Designing the Conversation” will help you identify the path unlocking the workshop achievement in whatever platform you choose. You will learn how to plan your agenda, structure your workshop, and identify the tools that are needed to help you along the way. Preparation is only a small portion of The Workshop Workshop; you will also gain from the wisdom of the CrankyTalk Workshops to help you feel more comfortable with your material–and yourself–in front of a group of people who are relying upon you to be their guide.


There will be activities where you will experience the true nature of “trial by fire” or “getting your feet wet” (whichever metaphor you prefer). That is correct: You will be leading your very own workshop within The Workshop Workshop, and presenting your findings and results back to the rest of the workshop attendees. Bring your most comfortable pair of shoes, your favorite writing utensil, and all the gumption you can muster. This will be a jam-packed day! Register For Webvisions (”http://webvisions-portland NULL.strangertickets”)

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