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The Myth of Paying Attention

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Users are not like us — they view the world with a completing different filter. As designers, we’ve trained ourselves to notice every little detail about a design — everything grabs our attention. We assume that users do the same when coming to a site or using an application for the first time. We assume that all those details that took us, as the designers, hours to figure out just right will catch a user’s eye and invoke pleasant thoughts and emotions that go along with facilitating a positive user experience. But, that’s not how our brains work. In fact, the average user will miss almost everything within their field of vision when working with a design for the first time. This phenomenon occurs all the time during usability studies, much to our bewilderment.

Fortunately, recent research within neurological and cognitive … Read More »

Users in the Mist

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Field Studies are great learning opportunities to capture personal details about people and their environments. This activity provides challenges though, like when you find yourself in an uncomfortable position due to an offhand comment or if you notice something about their environment that is a danger. Over the course of my career, I’ve had the opportunity to conduct field studies where sensitive information was the focus and odd, or unexpected, situations came up. Based on my experiences, I’ve put together lessons learned that can help practitioners prepare for performing fields studies, and also provide warning signs for when things start to go awry.

These lessons will be given as parables to interviews I’ve conducted with people around dinner tables around the country. These stories range from the humorous to the slightly disturbing. And each has a unique message to tell that … Read More »

Common UX Pitfalls

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Having a dedicated User Experience Designer on projects is still a rare thing for many teams. In many cases, the creative churns out a design, an analyst specs it out, and a developer is then tasked to build it. During this session, I’ll go over many common pitfalls that can negatively impact a users experience, and offer arguments that the audience can then use to challenge the creative or analyst to rethink the design.

Where We’re Going

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Over the past five years, the world of user experience and design has changed greatly. We’ve been able to adapt and grow as we faced down many challenges in the ever changing world of technology. But, are we ready for the next five years? If not, what can we do as design professionals to prepare ourselves for the “next big thing” that will rock the technological world. Come hear how we can use what we’ve learned to help prepare for the future, and get a glimpse at some of the technologies that we might be designing for before you know it.

UX Doesn’t Equal UI

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The term ‘User Experience’ has been associated with User Interface for too long. An experience isn’t limited to a navigation scheme or the use of a particular product. It transcends the computer screen or mobile device, and has lasting impacts on our lives. What do these impacts mean? How can they be managed? These are questions that User Experience Designers try to answer. A user interface can be a gateway to these lasting impacts, but a positive user experience requires much more than that.