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Getting Meta With Workshops

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Next month, Russ Unger and myself will be giving a workshop at WebVisions Portland titled The Workshop Workshop. This workshop is meant for folks looking to improve their skills facilitating workshops with their teams, clients, or at industry conferences. Workshops are tricky beasts because they have to result in something, some direct outcome.

Modes of Thinking

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This is going to be a long post, so before we get too deep I want to thank my partner in crime on this concept Andrea Mignolo (http://pnts (@pnts (https://twitter and the smart people from twitter Steve Baty (http://www NULL.meldstudios (@docbaty (https://twitter, Henken Bean (http://www NULL.henkenbean (@henken (https://twitter, Kevin Hoffman (http://www NULL.kevinmhoffman (@kevinmhoffman (https://twitter, Christopher Monnier (http://www NULL.chrismonnier (@chrismonnier (https://twitter and Will Sansbury (http://willsansbury (@willsansbury (https://twitter for sharing their thoughts and opinions. In this post we (Andrea and I) want to explore not only where divergent and convergent modes of thinking belong in a design process, but also how a person’s natural mode of thinking impacts how they might identify within the user experience community. A quick disclaimer: This posts does run the very real risk … Read More »