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IA Summit 2012 Recap – Ask Better Questions

Posted on April 2nd, by Brad in Blog. 3 comments

This year I made the return to the IA Summit (http://2012 NULL.iasummit as just an attendee and volunteer. Over the last year and a half I haven’t had the chance to simply attend a conference. Of the ten plus conferences I’ve been to in that time, I’ve spoken at all of them. I don’t mean this to boast, but attending a conference as a speaker puts you in a very different mindset than going as an attendee. Bottom line, it was refreshing just to sit back and enjoy the festivities and take in some needed learning.

Coming back to the IA Summit after a year off was like coming back home for me. I’ve seen several different formats used for conference scheduling, and met different types of communities. It’s only at the IA Summit where a true sense of unity … Read More »